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Primož Trubar spent the last years of his life in the vicinity of Tübingen – an idyllic old university city in the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg. Already at that time, the state was renowned for its excellent beer, made with quality, clean water (the state lies between the Neckar and Ammer rivers). One fine summer evening, Primož felt like having a cold beer and stealthily went to the best inn in Tübingen. At the time, the city was also renowned for its traditional German spirit and was a fine example of the Protestant work ethics of modesty, fine manners, promotion of saving and living an orderly life. Since Primož was a Protestant preacher and priest, he felt slightly embarrassed when an attractive waitress brought him a ceramic jug of beer. He was about to have a sip and get some of that beer foam on his majestic beard, when his hand shook and the jug, full of freshly brewed beer, fell on the floor and shattered into many pieces. Immediately, all of the guests turned around, gave him a quizzical look and burst into laughter. The friendly waitress saved Primož from embarrassment, waved her hand and said: »Schon gut, Primus« or in translation: DON’T WORRY, PRIMOŽ.

So, where can you get good beer in Ljubljana? Come to Primož on Trubarjeva ulica, of course. This story began four years ago, when I entered a real beer shop in Berlin for the first time. All of my subsequent travels have been connected with discovering new flavours and visiting lovely small beer shops selling high quality beer in bottles with attractive labels. Every serious beer lover will understand if I mention that visiting Paris Saint Bière, with its selection of more than 2,300 different beers (and growing!), made an immense impression on me and set the course of my beer path. The love of drinking beer and the craft beer revolution led us to opening our small beer shop, stocking some of the best brews from craft or microbreweries and other quality brewers.
In addition to a varied selection of craft and other types of beer from around the world, we will be more than happy to provide additional information on beer and domestic and foreign brewers, but most of all, provide reasons why you should drink quality beer. Let me give you a hint: drinking beers from our selection made of quality ingredients may save you that nasty beer hangover the morning after. In our shop, you can also get plenty of information on cultural events, concerts and other events in Ljubljana, Slovenia and neighbouring places. By request, we can arrange craft beer tours around Ljubljana or take you on a tour of microbreweries around Slovenia. We can also provide advice on the most suitable culinary and drinking experiences in Ljubljana and Slovenia. While visiting our shop, you can play some music from the records we have, have a chat, read about beer and select some of those tempting brews from our shelves. Unfortunately, Slovenian legislation prohibits drinking beer in and in front of our shop, but we will gladly give you tips on finding an idyllic place around the River Ljubljanica, in parks and at or underneath the Ljubljana Castle hill. We have also prepared a list of the nicest benches, stairs and platforms where you can enjoy a beer from our selection.

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